I hate puppies and rainbows

To the Arnprior Chronicle Guide:

It is with great interest that I noticed a letter in your May 3rd issue under the heading “Right to privacy should be respected”. I am, after all, a long-time advocate for privacy rights. (I hear your scepticism. Answer me this: have you ever heard of me until now? I rest my case.) Imagine my chagrin when I discovered upon reading said letter that it had absolutely nothing to do with privacy and was instead some sort of polemic against the diversity festival.

Now, I am not about to engage in a critique of the letter-writer’s point of view, (suffice it to say: really? You are anti-diversity festival? May as well speak out against puppies and rainbows!) I’ll leave that Herculean exercise in absurdity for another time… and person, God willing.

However, your misleading headline heaps injury on insult. It is not merely unrelated to the letter it announces, it is about as unrelated as you can possibly get. Should you choose to print this correspondence of mine under the heading “Andrew Fogarasi speaks out against puppies and rainbows” you would be no farther from the gist of things than you were then. My time is precious, and had the headline indicated the actual nature of the letter, I could have spent that precious time on something more fruitful, say advocating for privacy, working on my Middle East peace plan, or having a lovely nap.

(No puppies or rainbows were harmed in the writing of this letter.)

Andrew Fogarasi