Hello, snitch line? I want to snitch on the rotten snitches starting a snitch line. …but I don’t want to be a rat.

by Andrew Fogarasi

To the Arnprior Chronicle Guide:

Did you hear that the Conservatives are planning to set up a tip line for reporting “barbaric cultural practices” to the RCMP? Now, I know that many people are pooh-poohing this idea as more populist smoke and mirrors. Like the whole niqab debacle, you might think that this is nothing more than a shiny bauble designed to distract the hoi polloi from real issues. It’s not like there is anything new going on, and behaviours and practices that are illegal in our country are not going to suddenly become extra special super-illegal or anything.

But I for one am stoked for this tip line. The first thing I am going to do as soon as the number is announced is report the Canadian government’s unconscionably barbaric practice of making a $15 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, a nation that beheads teenagers and does not allow women to drive. Frankly, it turns my stomach. But finally we have a place where we can let our objection to this sickening practice be heard. Surely the propping up of a malicious nation state by selling them weapons of destruction is precisely the kind of thing this tip line was designed to expose. I urge all decent and right-thinking Canadians to also call in and report this barbaric cultural practice.