The king of homeopathy

by Andrew Fogarasi

To the Arnprior Chronicle Guide:

If I were being interviewed for an article and told the reporter that I was the King of Norway, I would expect the statement to be presented not as fact, but as a claim –  a rather dubious one at that. And yet this is precisely the sort of thing I found myself reading in the October 25 Arnprior Chronicle Guide under the heading “Free homeopathic oral flu prevention”. Stating that a homeopathic “remedy” is effective does not make it so, nor does attempting to lend it credibility by citing fictitious statistics regarding its effectiveness. (99% of marketers agree, numbers make things appear compelling!)

For the record, there has never been a single legitimate study that conclusively proves homeopathic “medicine” to be any more effective than voodoo, wishful thinking, or – my personal favourite – doing nothing. There have, however, been countless peer-reviewed scientific studies that have revealed it to be exactly as effective as a sugar pill placebo.

Homeopathy is based on the utterly discredited theory that a purported active ingredient becomes more effective the more diluted it is. Thus, homeopathic ingredients are measurable in parts-per-million or even parts-per-billion: present to a far lesser degree than the concentration of heavy metals or poop in safe drinking water. In fact, the most “powerful” homeopathic remedies are likely to contain not a single molecule of the supposed medicinal ingredient.

As a father of two, I encourage everyone to think very carefully before making their children ingest some magical mystery powder under the impression that it will help prevent the flu. It will not. Your children’s health will be just as well served by staying home. In fact, by staying home and doing nothing, not only will your family enjoy flu prevention that is proven 100% as effective as a homeopathic “remedy”, you will also greatly reduce the chances of anyone being injured in an accident on their way to getting the treatment.

Conversely, if you genuinely want to increase the chances that you and your loved ones will avoid the flu this year, you could go to the flu shot clinic at the Nick Smith Centre on November 6th. See you there.

His Royal Highness,
Andrew Fogarasi