The understated dignity of Ms. Cheryl Gallant

by Andrew Fogarasi

To the Arnprior Chronicle Guide:

Imagine my utter delight upon reading last week’s Arnprior Chronicle Guide and finding a letter from local MP Cheryl Gallant in which she takes the third party defence critic to task for his unprovoked attack on our military. John McKay (of the third party) may have thought he was being clever when he said the government knowingly lowballed the price tag of the F-35 fighter jets to the tune of $10 billion, but what’s $10 billion when it comes to protecting our freedom? (answer: $10 billion) In reality, Mr. McKay of the also-ran party was actually showing a shocking disregard for our men and women in uniform. And our stalwart Ms. Gallant was having none of it.

You see, she is above such petty politicking. She’s even above actually addressing any of the points Mr. McKay raised in his letter. And she is most certainly above offering an explanation as to why the Conservatives deceived the Canadian public about the price of these jets.

In fact our Ms. Gallant is so, well, gallant that she won’t even stoop to fear mongering. She is perhaps too reserved when she states that it was the liberals who had originally decided to make the purchase, and falls short of expressing the sheer horror any decent Canadian would feel at the thought of whatever voodoo mind control the third party exerted on Mr. Harper when they forced him to announce the purchase in 2010.

There is one thing that the intrepid Ms. Gallant is not above, however: pointing out that any criticism of our government’s handling of military procurement is no more than a shallow attempt to “score cheap political points”. Oh, and implying that to question the government is to somehow invalidate and disrespect all the sacrifices our Canadian soldiers make on our behalf.

Did I happen to mention that Mr. McKay is from the third party? Because he is. And for some reason that is as yet unclear to me, it is crucial to repeatedly drive this point home when one is above taking political cheap shots.

At any rate, shame on you, Mr McKay of the third party. Why do you hate freedom?

Andrew Fogarasi